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All Things Plants

The term, landscape, is often used to genrally characterize all components of an outdoor environment.


However, at Jason Larsen Design,

we view landscape as the living elements of YOUR STORY along with the supporting cast allowing you to immerse yourself

in the story.


The cast includes elements such as lighting, water features, irrigation, and lawns. 





The most important task we do at Jason Larsen Design is planting.  It's where we excel as a company.  Our vast knowledge of plants set us apart for designing spaces.

We understand how plants will look when set amongst others, such their colors, seasonality, texture, scale, fragrance, habitat, native species.


Jason Larsen Design over time has developed a reputation for procuring and installing large trees in both residential spaces and commercial sites.  Groomed over time, through relationships with the top large tree growers, we have developed this specialty service.

Water Sprinkler


We find that water is the most overlooked component for clients establishing their new landscape.

Proper planning and design combined with professional installation can give you an irrigation system that will save you money, reduce water waste, and improve plant survivability in extreme weather conditions.



Water is a treat that elevates any project. From the motion to the acoustics of flowing and splashing water, water features have a way of engaging us in YOUR STORY.

Jason Larsen Design helps create features that are totally unique to you. Everything about them are intrinsically connected to you and the reason behind having one.



Considered an additional luxury by many, our team at Jason Larsen Design, emphasizes the importance of lighting outdoors.

It's not only an enhancement but functions as a security measure around the home and the landscape.

It also provides for safe travel on your property.  A wayfinding tool for walks, steps, surface changes and potential unseen obstacles.

Professional design and installation will add value to YOUR STORY.

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