From Complex To Simple

As part of YOUR STORY, we can offer our specialties in the construction of different types of pools and spas.


Each type of pool has their particular pros and cons depending on your site conditions, complexity of features, and personal aesthetic.

We work with you to determine the best solution and provide you a complete outdoor living environment that is integrated together with your pool, including the patio, landscaping, lighting and more.



The easiest of the two types, fiberglass, is a molded shell made up of various composites including carbon fiber, resins and glass.  They are currently available in 20+ shapes

to meet the demand of most residential properties.

We are a local dealer & installer of Leisure Pools USA, the premium brand of fiberglass pools around

the globe.


Gunite is a concrete that is pneumatically sprayed onto a steel infrastructure offering near infinite design possibilities and decades of structural durability.

More complicated to build and a longer installation process, gunite is best suited for a project of very custom designs and features like infinity edges, swim up bars, and beach entries.

gunite pool 9.jpg